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Drive from Srinagar to Leh(Srinagar-Leh Highway)
Drive from Srinagar to Leh(Srinagar-Leh Highway)
Drive from Chandigarh to Manali
Drive from Manali to Leh (Manali-Leh Highway)
Drive from Srinagar to Leh (Srinagar - Leh Highway)


How to plan a journey on Manali Leh Highway (Devil on wheels)
Manali Leh Highway is one of the roads that lead to heaven on earth called Leh Ladakh (Srinagar - Leh Highway is the other one). It is one of those Highways in the world which offers almost everything nature has to offer to an adventure lover.

Serious travelers in India and abroad do have a dream of traveling on this dangerous and beautiful Highway at least once in their lifetime. I am one of those honored souls to have experienced this journey of my life multiple times.

Having said that, the journey on Manali Leh Highway could be a bit tricky to plan if you haven't researched well enough. Almost more than 350 KMs out of 474 KMs long Manali Leh Highway, does not have any civilization and hence you would be the only soul wandering on most part of your journey here. Even one cannot find fuel (petrol/diesel) for 365 KMs on Manali- Leh Highway.
Therefore, adequate planning is very well required to travel on Manali - Leh Highway so as to make it a memorable experience.


Road Conditions
Below is the general idea of road conditions on Manali Leh Highway. Of course, they are subject to change with season, time of travel and weather conditions. However, in general, you will get the idea about road conditions from Manali to Leh road.





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