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Camping in Leh Ladakh

Leh, located in the extreme north of the Indian mainland, is every wanderer’s ultimate destination. It’s tough, arid, barren in most of the places, and unforgiving, which makes it a favorite for every daredevil. The largest and the main city of Ladakh is inaccessible for most of the year, 4-5 month precisely (May – September) – another reason why Leh Ladakh is a coveted place in the Himalayan region. Once you’ve already made it there, don’t come back without relishing the best of camping in Leh!Of all the fun activities and adventures that you would ever try in Ladakh, camping is the most popular. Reason being, none of the other activities in Leh presents the myriad of colors as much as camping there would.

These beautiful camps located in the Leh district are known for their sprawling campsites and amazing hospitality. Along with a memorable sojourn in the mountains, the camping in Leh Ladakh experience also comes along with guided tours and activities that further enhance your trip. Make no mistake as get a chance to figure out some of the highly-rated camps in Ladakh region. Here are the 8 most popular camps epitomizing the experience of camping in Leh!

Choose from a list of 8 best camps and include them in your Leh itinerary if you wish to sleep under a sky full of stars and wake up to a gorgeous view of the mountains! Ladakh is known for its luminous beauty of the clean lakes and snow-capped mountains which is the fundamental reason which attracts the travellers from the world. You are surely going to fall in love with this place which is regarded as the moon land for some while mystery land for others. Are you ready to witness the camps in Ladakh along with its rich culture, stupas and monasteries.

Deluxe Camp Nubra Valley

4.8 (28)
Rs. 2500

Deluxe Camp Pangong Lake

4.8 (28)
Rs. 3200

Accommodation in Jispa

4.8 (28)
Rs. 3500