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Foods of Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is one of the places that are on everyone’s road trip bucket list. A majority of people think Ladakhi cuisine is everything about momos and also noodle soups, but in reality, it is so much more. A lot of people see Ladakh for its cuisine. There is a lot of unique as well as interesting food of Ladakh.

Ladakh’s cuisine is a combination of Tibetan, Chinese, and Continental and Korean dishes. Let us review the food of Ladakh and the list of delicious that you should to never ever miss in Ladakh.

Here are some interesting and lesser known dishes found in Ladakh :-

1. Ladakhi Pulao

Ladakhi Pulao looks subtle, compared to other variants from Kashmir or Lucknow; however, it doesn’t fall behind in terms of flavor. In fact, it leaves you surprised. The raw white rice wonderfully soaks in the flavors of the aromatic seasonings and also mutton stock. It is then layered with the barista (caramelized onions) along with caramelized carrots as well as nuts to provide to the flavor and appearance. It might not be a common view on the streets or even in the restaurants, but if you are fortunate sufficient to be invited for a neighborhood home-cooked dish, you make sure to discover it.

2. Tigmo

Pronounced as Teemo, Tingmo is a vegetarian dish that might be eaten at Breakfast, Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner (generally any time of the day) is one need to attempt food of Ladakh. It is nothing, yet generally, a flavorful vegetable stew that could be eaten both as a snack or a dish. The necessary active ingredients that enter into the making of the recipe are vegetables, and it is served together with fermented bread pieces. Though mainly it is a vegetarian meal, a non-vegetarian option of this might additionally be made. The vegetable stew is readily available in three key variations- spicy, pleasant and sour. The bread, made from white flour is extremely regular and differs tremendously from the landmass roti or Chapathi or Pav.

3. Saag

Saag is a vegetarian dish made from Spinach. It is quite a simple dish yet savory one. It consists of in it spinach along with red chilies, garlic, cloves and also is prepared in mustard oil. It is offered along with rice or simple roti. It is a semi-dry preparation. Thus the method lies in not allowing the water vaporizes. It is an indivisible food in Ladakh houses. Saag additionally has its origins in Kashmir.

4. Thupka

Often referred to as the staple food of the Leh, Thukpa is delicious food in the town. Thukpa is basically a noodle soup with steamed veggies, portions of poultry, pork as well as beef. The mix of all these savory ingredients is served with spicy chutney to enhance the total zing of this dish.

5. Khambir

Khambir is traditional bread preferred by the locals of Leh Ladakh in the majority of their dishes. This bread is brownish in color with a thick crust baked in a pan. The bread is served with a butter tea which is prepared by adding a pinch of butter as well as salt. The unique taste of butter tea with a loaf of Khambir is the best thing you will ask for in Leh Ladakh.

6. Phirni

Phirni is served in the area of Kheer; it is a tasty wonderful dish to have in Ladakh. It is given in a kulhaad i.e. a pot made from mud, which will make it taste tastier. It is a rice pudding of the Iranian origin; it comprises of boiled rice, vermicelli, milk, and sugar. It consists of dry fruits and pistachios as well.

7. Momos

It is a criminal activity to not taste momos while you are in Leh. The momos are available in various shapes, one of which according to our vehicle driver is shaped like a rat.