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Shopping Places in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is the newly formed Union territory in India that not only has locations with magnificent views of the trans-Himalayas but is also quite culturally and traditionally different from the rest of India. The perspective offered in Ladakh is unmatched by anywhere else in the world. Even though most people while visiting Ladakh do not consider it as a destination for shopping, but there are quite a few places for shopping in Ladakh. You will find articles in Ladakh that are inspired by Tibetan culture since the area is located quite close to Tibet, and most people living out there are Buddhists. Tourists usually shop for items like Tibetan Handicrafts, Jams made of Apricots, Pashmina Shawls, Jewelry made of silver, and many more. All these items are available at these terrific spots that are mentioned in this handcrafted list of places for shopping in Ladakh. Pick up the ones you like and head on a shopping spree right away!

Best Spots For Shopping In Ladakh

If you are planning to visit Ladakh, you must visit some of the most world-famous places located out there, including Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Tso-Moriri lake, The Hemis Monastery, Padum Valley and many more. It is quite evident that all the places are located in mesmerizingly beautiful natural beauty. And after exploring these you can head to the places for shopping in Ladakh listed below for satiating the inner shopping addict in you!

1. Moti Market

Ladakh might be situated far away from civilization, but that does not stop the people living out there to be fashionable. In the Moti Market, you will not only find traditional Tibetan garments, but you will also find other woolen clothes and clothes as well. This market is located in Leh is known to be one of the oldest markets situated out there. Not only does the market has shops that sell garments, but you will find a myriad of Tibetan artifacts there.

2. Women’s Alliance Of Ladakh Shopping Hub

Ladakh is one of the fewer places in India that has a market wholly run and managed by women. The women’s association of Ladakh is not just a small market, but it is a proclamation of the financial independence of women. In this market, you will find shops that are set up by the women of more than the hundred neighboring villages. Not only do the shops sell Pashmina Shawls, but they also sell regular items that are essential for survival. From stationery items to the woolen garment, from pieces of silver jewelry to spices and vegetables, this market has every category of shops that can be imagined by you. The market was formed in 1991, and since then, it has been going strong. Even if you are not that interested in Shopping, you must visit this market to witness the extraordinary feature in their lives. Moreover, the market is located in gorgeous natural beauty as well and is surrounded by the majestic mountains.

3. Zanskar Arts

Though Zanskar Arts is a quaint little shop located in the primary market area of Leh, the fact that it is getting a special mention is that it sells not only high-quality woolen garments but souvenirs and little figurines as well. The shop is not only quite popular among the locals but the tourists as well due to the softness of the Shawls and the sweaters that are made of pure Pashmina wool. If you visit there, you can also buy Kashmiri bedsheets, dress materials, shawls, and others that are extremely popular in India.

4. Main Bazaar

If you visit Ladakh, you will have to go to the Main Bazaar located in Leh to experience the authentic ambiance of Ladakh. Not only is the market popular among tourists, but almost all of the local people visit this market regularly to buy regular items as well. Most of the items sold in the market are quite affordable yet high-quality. The area will not only offer you affordable items but also provides you a glimpse into the life of the local people living in Ladakh.

5. Himalayan Pashmina Shawls

Kashmiri handicrafts are quite famous not only in India but all around the world as well. In the Himalayan Pashmina Shawls store, you will get to buy handicraft items from Kashmir in Ladakh. The shawls are incredibly soft and is made from pure Pashmina wool. As you know, getting pure Pashmina wool is quite severe since they are so rare. But this shop is quite famous among Indian and international tourists because it sells woolen garments made of Pashmina. The shop was founded in 1975 and ever since it has been quite well-known in the world for the high-quality products it sells. Even though the outcomes might be a bit pricey, but those are worth the price.

6. Ladag Apricot Store

If you are looking for some souvenirs to carry back home for yourself or for your friends and family back home, it is the apricots or its products that you should go for. There is a Ladag Apricot Store that you can visit to find all the products made of apricots! From dried to fresh apricots, from oils to jams, you can find anything and everything apricot-related at this spot when shopping in Leh Ladakh.

7. Tibetan Handicraft Emporium

Another one of the stores to visit during your shopping in Leh Ladakh is the Tibetan Handicraft Emporium. This store is run by the Tibetan refugees and is visited by several tourists all year long. The highlight of the store are the brilliant handicrafts and antiques that showcase the craftsmanship that too at an affordable price.